Best Reasons For Visiting The Beautiful City Of San Francisco

Are you currently considering taking a late summer vacation? Don’t worry, because there is still time! While the United States is definitely full of amazing tourist destinations, some are better than others. And of course, San Francisco tends to overshadow its competitors. The city is absolutely gorgeous and the local residents are friendly and very welcoming. If you’re not convinced, you’ll want to scour through the list below to discover reasons for visiting the city.



Whether you’re a history buff or not, it is almost certain you’ve heard of Alcatraz at some point or another. The prison is downright infamous and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire world. Do you want to relive the history of the federal prison? If so, you will definitely want to sign up for a tour. During the event, you’ll get to see where some of the most notable gangsters and criminals spent many years of this lives. This includes the popular gangster Al Capone.


Riding A Cable Car

Many American cities have taxis and city buses, but few have cable cars. In fact, few people will ever get to experience the thrill of riding inside of a cable car. However, if you’re willing to venture to San Francisco, you’ll get to do just that! Once you’ve finished the trip, you’ll want to head over to the Cable Car Museum, which is located on Mason Street. Therefore, you’ll learn about the city’s cable car system, which just happens to be the last manually-operated system in the world.


The Real Chinatown

There are many cities throughout the world that have their own Chinatown segments. However, San Francisco’s Chinatown is widely considered to be the best. It helps that the Chinese community in the city is the largest in the world outside of Asia. Even more surprising is the fact that the city’s Chinatown community receives more visitors each and every year than the Golden Gate Bridge. While you’re in the area, you’ll want to visit the Fortune Cookie Factory and see what your cookie says about your future.


The Golden Gate Bridge

Although Chinatown might be a little busier, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is still one of its most popular attractions. Strolling over the bridge or cycling across can be one of the most enjoyable experiences ever and the scenery is to die for. Be sure to bring your camera, because you’ll definitely want to snap a few photographs from the bridge!