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Box Elder Bugs

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How Our Box Elder Bug Pest Control Can Keep Your San Francisco Home “Pest-Free”?

Boxelder “box elder” bugs are classified as “occasional invaders.” These insects are just as their name entails an insect species that occasionally invade buildings. There is a broad range of species that belong to this insect classification. The earwig, beetle, ladybug, housefly, and stinkbug.

The box elder bug grows up to ½” in length. The diet consists of sap from the leaves of various tree species – box elder, cherry, ash, and maple.

Why Is My San Francisco Property Under A Box Elder Bug Threat?

As previously mentioned, the box elder bug is an occasional invader, which is why your home is under threat. These insects are continuously looking for a new food source, shelter, and suitable living environment. If your home offers any of these essentials, it will be under constant threat. As an occasional invader, the box elder bug invades homes unintentionally.

Box elder bugs also meet the criteria to be an “overwintering pest,” an insect species that go into a hibernation-like state during the winter season. In this case, the box elder bug is more active in the late fall than in any other season. Now, this does not necessarily mean the insect is not problematic during the spring and summer seasons. It just means, the insect species are more active in the late fall. Why

Do Box Elder Bug Infestations Put My Children’s Health At Risk?

Not necessarily because the insect does not transmit diseases to humans or animals. But, you should be concerned about your children’s health if your home is invaded. While the insect does not ingest food once, inside the home, it may contaminate surfaces utilized for food preparation. Failing to clean all kitchen countertops, dining room tables, and cutting boards before and after each use, you are putting your children’s health at risk.

Box elder bugs will travel throughout your home until finally settling in a dark, damp, and warm area, such as underneath the sink, basements, bathrooms, and crawlspaces.

Can Box Elder Bug Infestations Be Fully Eradicated?

Yes, with our professional pest management, it is possible to fully eradicate a box elder infestation. In fact, we can customize a strategy that will target your specific pest control needs and preferences. We always encourage our clients to get and stay involved in the extermination process right from the get-go. With your help, we can get rid of the box elder bugs that are taking over your home in a short duration.

Will DIY Pest Control Products Impact A Box Elder Bug Infestation?

Yes, if only a few insects are involved. However, DIY pesticides and insecticides will have no impact on a full-blown infestation. We combine routine visual inspections with a customized pest control strategy to maximize the results and speed up the extermination process. This is not an option with over-the-counter pesticides.

When Will I Be Able To Get My San Francisco Home Inspected For Box Elder Bugs?

To initiate the process, we suggest submitting a pest control inspection request to our local San Francisco office. Our customer support will process the request and contact you regarding an appointment. It is up to you from this point on to determine the best time for the inspection. We will work with your schedule to get the job done in a timely manner.

Will Pesticide Damage My Furniture And Flooring?

Pesticides do contain ingredients that pose damage risks for furniture, flooring, bedding, clothing, and drapery. However, we utilize safety measures that eliminate any risk of pesticide exposure. To further minimize these risks, our pesticide lineup includes only brands that have met or exceed the US Environmental Protection (EPA) guidelines. EPA-approved pesticides utilize labels that meet the FQPA safety standard.

How Is It Possible To Prevent A Repeat Box Elder Bug Infestation?

It is not possible to have a repeat box elder bug infestation if the impacted home is never deemed “pest-free.” Once you apply for this status, we will initiate a visual inspection to determine if your home meets the criteria. To obtain a pest-free status, the visual inspection should not detect box elder bugs living in your home.

Once your home is deemed pest-free, only then will you be ready to move forward. The next step is to address your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. We will be there every step of the way.

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