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The Role Our Pest Management Plays In San Francisco’s Ladybug Population?

The ladybug is a member of the Coccinellidae family, which consists of various beetle species. Physical characteristics – yellow, red, or orange black polka-dotted wings, white-spotted abdomen, a tiny head, two antennas, and three sets of legs – make the insect easy to identify. The adult grows up to ½” in length. The ladybug looks as if it carrying around a shell like a turtle, when in fact it is carrying around wings that are covered by a thin shell.

Scientists have identified more than 5,000 Coccinellidae species, 450 of which are living in North America. Some San Francisco residents view the ladybug as a pest. While this may be the case, the ladybug plays a major role in the pollination of specific flower species and crops.

The ladybug also plays a role in helping farmers control the aphid population in San Francisco and the State of California.

Why Is My San Francisco Home Under A Ladybug Target?

Ladybugs meet the criteria of an “overwintering pest,” which means they go into a hibernation-like state over the winter season. Spending the winter outdoors for overwintering pests is extremely difficult. The insect’s body functions gradually slow, allowing it to survive on stored fats and nutrients.

Your home is infested because of its vulnerable pest barrier, which provided the insect with an access point. Ladybugs invade homes via small crevices around windows and doors, damaged siding, soffit, and eaves.

Do Ladybugs Pose Health Risks To Healthy People?

No, ladybugs do not pose health risks to healthy people or those with chronic illnesses. The ladybug, also known as the “Asian lady beetle,” only bites on extremely rare occasions. These insects are more of a nuisance than a human health risk.

Do Ladybug Infestations Go Away With Pest Control Intervention?

Yes, ladybugs will eventually exit your home when the weather outside begins to warm. Since the insect is only temporarily utilizing your home for shelter, there is no question, it will take its exit at some point.

The ladybug is a “parasocial” insect, which means some are social while others are solitary. Some ladybug species exhibit social behaviors like traveling and living in colonies. Solitary ladybug species do not build nests because they spend most of their time alone. Instead, the insect tends to hide in areas of a house that faces the south or toward the sun.

In their natural habitat, the ladybug can be found living underneath rocks, in trees, and in shrubs.

Will A DIY Pest Control Strategy Have An Impact On Ladybugs?

Ladybug removal and eradication are possible with DIY pest control. However, this approach is only suitable for mild infestations. Moderate to severe ladybug infestations require a much stronger approach utilizing professional-grade pest control products and techniques.

What Will The Exterminator Schedule The Ladybug Inspection?

Our exterminators do not schedule a ladybug inspection without the client’s input. We highly suggest getting and staying right from the get-go. We give our clients the say-so when it comes to scheduling, treatment, and other important pest control decisions.

When your receive your pest inspection request, will start processing it. This will take between 24 to 48 hours to complete. We will contact you as soon as your service request is processed. We will gladly work around your schedule to ensure full access to our free in-home inspection.

Do You Utilize EPA-Approved Pest Control Products?

Yes, we only utilize pest management techniques and products that have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA-approved pesticides are deemed “safe” when handled per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What Do I Need To Prevent A Repeat Infestation?

A prevention strategy that targets your home’s vulnerabilities. Without these vulnerabilities, your home would have never been infested. Be sure to take advantage of our pest inspections, consultations, and estimates, all of which are provided free of charge to San Francisco residents and businesses.

Our professional pest control is ranked extremely high among our long-time customers. We combine routine visual pest inspections with a customized treatment to maximize the effectiveness of our pest management strategy.

Our exterminators work extended hours to bring one of the best pest control services to San Francisco. Our prices are competitive and fair, so do not rule professional-grade pest control out until you have gotten a free quote.

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