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Mice Rats And Rodents

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Identifying The Rodent Species

When rodents invade your home, finding a solution to the problem quickly is vital. Otherwise, the problem will spiral since you won’t know how to fix the issue. You have to learn more about the species so you can know what you’re dealing with and how to rectify the problem. Each species is different so the best treatment depends on the unique species found in your home. Although it could be other species, it might be a house mouse or a deer mouse. Both species commonly enter homes across the United States. Living in San Francisco means you encounter a small, hairless rodent with a gray or buff belly. If this is what you’re seeing, you’re likely dealing with a house mouse

Deer mice have multiple colors and generally have white feet and white bellies. Their upperparts are brown. Both rodents have long tails. House and deer mice will leave droppings around your home, so this is a good way to confirm an infestation.

Identifying Rodent Infestations

When attempting to confirm a rodent infestation, check for the following issues.

  • Check for droppings around your home. They’re generally small, black, and look like a grain of rice.
  • Check for small rodent nests. Rodents tend to build nests using household materials, grass, and twigs.
  • Rodents scratch and chew on many objects, including baseboards, cables, and food containers.
  • You may be able to hear rodents scurrying through your home in the middle of the night.

Confirming Mouse Droppings

If you’re worried about rodents living in your home, you need to check the home for rodent droppings. You need to learn more about rodent droppings so you’ll know what they look like. Rodent droppings are small, black, and granular. In general, they’re similar to rice in terms of shape and size. Although you shouldn’t get too close, rodent droppings smelly must. Most are between 3 and 6 mm. They can be found around food products and nesting areas.

Reasons Rodents Invaded Your Home

Why are rodents living in your home? How did they get there? Ultimately, rodents like invading homes that have not been cleaned properly. If you don’t clean your home regularly and take out your trash, there is a risk that your home is full of crumbs and leftovers. Rodents will find out and they’ll enter your home. They’ll find the food and consume it. Then, they’ll build nests in the home and stay until you get rid of them. They can enter through small gaps that are roughly a quarter in diameter.

The Dangers Linked To Mice, Rats, And Rodents

Are you worried about mice, rats, and rodents making you sick? If you aren’t, you should be because they’re one of the most dangerous pests in the world. Unfortunately, rodents pose major risks since they can carry and transmit numerous dangerous diseases. When you ignore the problem, there is a risk that you’re going to be infected with Lassa Fever, Rat-Bite Fever, Plague, and other dangerous illnesses. Rodents can spread ticks and fleas so your pets might run into issues too. Rodents will contaminate your food and make you sick.

It is pertinent to call a professional exterminator so you can fix the problem before more problems occur. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember that rodents will chew through electric wires and that can increase the possibility of a fire in your home.

Bigger Risks Associated With Rodent Infestations

When rodents invade your home, you’ll have to worry about the following issues.

  • Rodents will contaminate your food and drinks with their urine and droppings.
  • They can spread a handful of dangerous diseases, including salmonella, and swine dysentery.
  • Rodents will destroy your home and belongings. Get rid of them now or they’ll chew through your baseboards.
  • They chew through electric wires and could create a fire hazard.

Ways To Eliminate Rodent Infestations

Ultimately, homeowners cannot sit around and wait for the rodents to leave, but it is not going to happen. As long as rodents can find everything they need in your home, they’re not going to leave. They’ll stay in your home until you get rid of them. To do that, you need to work with a high-quality exterminator. There are DIY methods that might work, but many of them do not. Furthermore, you may unnecessarily expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. We do not recommend using DIY methods because they’re unsafe.

Call us and we’ll rectify the problem for you hastily.

Ready To Get Rid Of Rodents?

Whether you’re dealing with mice or rats, calling us is your best option. Do that and we’ll contact you back in 24 to 48 hours.

Putting Your Health First

Our company believes in putting your health first. We know that you want to eliminate those dangerous pests as quickly as possible, but you don’t want to expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. We’re here to help and we’ll do what we can to protect you. Our exterminators understand that they must use EPA-registered products to keep our clients safe. We won’t let them do anything that could put you at risk. If you want the best for everyone in your house, call us.

Stopping Rodents From Taking Over Your Home

Although you can eliminate a rodent infestation, it is best to keep them out of your home. If you can stop them from sneaking into your home, you can prevent them from destroying your property and you won’t need to pay for our services. You may never be able to stop all of them, but you can keep some rodents out. For starters, you need to check your home and clean it thoroughly. Get rid of leftovers, trash, and crumbs quickly. If someone in your home makes a mess, clean it up quickly. Deal with the mess so rodents won’t be able to find food in your home. Furthermore, use the tips believe to keep them out.

  • Make sure all cracks, crevices, and holes around your home have been properly sealed. Eliminate the entry points so rodents won’t find a way inside.
  • Track your trash out several times each day, and make sure it is stored in suitable containers.
  • Keep your food in containers that cannot be opened easily.
  • Deal with spills immediately after they occur.

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