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Carpenter Bees

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How Our Free San Francisco Carpenter Bee Inspection And Consultation Can Help You!

The adult female and male carpenter bees grow up to 1.5 inches in length. The main differences between the two gender’s physical characteristics are coloration and stinger. The female is solid black while the male is a mixture of orange and black. The female has a stinger, which she rarely uses and the male does not have a stinger. The carpenter bee is oftentimes confused with the bumblebee because many of their physical characteristics are similar, excluding the abdomen. The adult bumblebee has a fine layer of hair on its belly, giving the appearance of “fuzz.” The adult carpenter bee, on the other hand, has a hairless, glossy black abdomen.

Why Is My San Francisco Property Under A Carpenter Bee Threat?

Carpenter bees exhibit solitary behavior, meaning they oftentimes travel, feed, and live alone. There is one exception to this theory. When the adult male carpenter bee pairs with an adult female, the two will join forces to reproduce and build nests in deteriorating wooden structures, such as tree stumps, firewood, lumber, decks, porches, and even fences.

The carpenter bee utilizes a unique nest-building practice. Instead of building a large paper nest like the hornet, the carpenter bee utilizes 100 percent discretion by burying its nest deep inside of bored-holes. This practice ensures more protection for the young when the pair are out foraging for food.

Should I Be Concerned About My Young Children With A Carpenter Bee Nest On My Property?

Yes, carpenter bees are no different than other bee species. They will go to the extreme to protect their young. With this said, it is rare to be stung by an adult female carpenter bee. The main reason the adult female rarely stings is contributed to her timid nature. Her timidness minimizes the risk of your children getting stung by a carpenter bee. However, there is always the risk of getting attacked by carpenter bees.

In most cases, humans unknowingly near a carpenter bee’s nest. Since the nest is buried deep inside bored holes, detection is near if at all impossible. As you near the nest, the couple will become suspicious, as their aggression begins to intensify. While you may not get stung, you could very well get attacked. The pair will swoop down in your direction to send out a warning to back off or else.

Is The DIY Pest Control Suitable For A Carpenter Bee Infestation?

Since this is a solitary bee species, infestations are less likely. With this said, the solitary carpenter bee is a member of a much larger colony nearby. It is also not unusual for more than one carpenter bee nest to appear in virtually the same area. The good news, carpenter bees will abandon their nest after the breeding season. But, do not think your troubles are over just yet because the pair will return the next breeding season. Carpenter bees, unlike many other insect species, tend to return to the same nest breeding season after breeding season. For this matter, it is crucial to eliminate the nest prior to the couple’s return.

What Is The Best Extermination Technique For Carpenter Bees And Their Nests?

If you pose this to any San Francisco exterminator, the response will always be the same. As professionals, we believe professional pest management is the solution for all bee species infestations. We understand why most consumers opt to try over-the-counter insecticides before finally calling in the experts. It is possible to eradicate a few carpenter bees with each DIY pesticide treatment but that is as far as you will get.

Since carpenter bee nests are extremely difficult to detect, especially for those who have little to no experience with these insects. You could happen upon a carpenter bee nest and be surrounded by dozens of them without even knowing it. If your property is primed with decaying wooden structures, it could easily house dozens of carpenter bee nests.

Does Professional-Grade Pest Control Have Dangerous Chemicals?

It is a fact, some pesticide formulas consist of chemicals that pose some environmental and human health risks. However, with the help of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and manufacturers, chemical-based pesticides can be administered, handled, stored, and transported with little to no exposure risks.

EPA-pesticides are deemed “safe” as long as the handler heeds the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What Pest Control Tools Do I Need To Protect My San Francisco Property From A Repeat Carpenter Bee Infestation?

All you need is a qualified, licensed exterminator, of which we have plenty to choose from. Our exterminators will work with you and your family to turn your property into a carpenter bee-free zone. Afterward, we will sit down with you to devise a prevention plan that targets the main carpenter culprit – rotting wood. It is crucial to remove the damaged wood from your property to minimize your risk of a repeat infestation. Remember, we are only a phone call away.

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