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As a homeowner, renter, or business owner in San Francisco, you cannot ignore the devastation caused by pest infestations. It only takes one or two bedbugs to transform into a full-blown infestation. As a result, you need to be ready for potential problems, and there is no better way to do that than by working with us. Our company has the solutions you desire at prices you can afford. More importantly, we offer safe, eco-friendly treatments to protect everyone on the planet.

Our thermal heat treatments are an excellent choice for you because they’re safe, effective, and affordable. Pick this service so you can eliminate your bedbug infestation swiftly and safely.

Fixing A Bedbug Infestation With Heat Treatments

You cannot afford to ignore the immense benefits of bedbug heat treatments. We prefer this treatment and recommend it for many of our clients for several reasons. First and foremost, bedbug heat treatments are convenient for everyone involved. When we use heat treatments, we can eliminate the bedbugs in your home without jumping through unnecessary hoops. Our heat solutions increase the home’s temperatures until bedbugs cannot tolerate the heat. If they cannot escape your home, they will be eradicated.

Heat is convenient since it will eat every aspect of the home simultaneously. The heat can seep into the deepest cracks, gaps, crevices, holes, and outlets. It is great for eliminating bedbugs at all stages of life, including bedbugs, bedbug larvae, and bedbug eggs.

Our exterminator will use a heat machine to increase the home’s temperature to 140-degrees or higher for several hours. As long as your home is sealed and the bedbugs cannot escape, they will be eliminated. Our pest control experts will take steps to deal with gaps and cracks to prevent your bedbugs from escaping your home.

Why Our Clients Love Bedbug Heat Treatments

Our clients love bedbug heat treatments for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, it is one of the most convenient methods for eliminating bedbug infestations. Just call us and we’ll visit and treat your home promptly. The resident or business owner doesn’t need to do much. As long as our exterminator can access and treat your home, we’ll fix the problem for you. Our clients know that our bedbug heat treatments are safe and effective, so they prefer it compared to our other treatments.

Again, heat can eliminate bedbugs throughout the entire home simultaneously, so the resident can return to their home much sooner.

Proper Temperatures

Ultimately, we must work diligently to maintain the proper temperatures at all times. If the temperatures drop too low, the bedbugs could survive. If they get too high, it could damage some of your belongings. Our exterminators are diligently and cautious, so they’ll keep a close eye on the temperatures. They’ll maintain 140-degrees for at least two hours until the bedbugs are eliminated.

We’ll Ask You To Leave

Unfortunately, our clients will be able to leave their homes during the bedbug heat treatment. Although our treatment is safe, we don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. Our exterminator will ask you to leave your home until they call and tell you it is okay to return. In general, it takes three or four hours to eliminate bedbug infestations using heat. Then, we’ll spend time cleaning up the bedbugs and making your home clean.

We refuse to gamble with our client’s health, so we think you should stay out of the home until the heat treatment has concluded. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable bedbug heat treatments or our other services. We’ll answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment immediately.

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